Responsible Recruitment Platform for Safe Migration in Bangladesh (SafeStep)


Aiming to reduce the vulnerability of migrants and enabling better access to information through mobile technology, RMMRU has been piloting the Responsible Recruitment Platform for Safe Migration in Bangladesh (SafeStep).

Innovative functions such as Migration Checklist, Budget Calculator, e-Learning and Help Center have been operationalised in the SafeStep application to address the information gaps, facilitate digital documentation for users as well asanalyse the costs and benefits of migration.

This project empowered the local community by forming 4 community based ‘Migrant Rights Protection Committees’ (MRPCs), consisting of 44 members at the union level. These committees are enhanced by the knowledge on the application to promote safe migration in their locality. RMMRU reached at least 3,500 prospective migrants, returnee migrants, sub-agents, members of counter-trafficking committees (CTCs), and entrepreneurs of Union Digital Centers (UDCs) and migrant community during the project period. Apart from this, around 100 government officials, policymakers, members of UN Agencies, INGOs, NGOs, civil society organisations, recruiting agencies, UNO and Upazila administration provided constructive feedback on the application to develop a standard mobile application.

The major intervention of the project includes inception meetings, demonstration of version I and II, knowledge building and skill development training, community meeting, app sharing activities, profiling of stakeholders, launching of the final version, evaluation and assessment to analyse the impact on the community and migration stakeholders. Besides, 600 pictorial manual/user guide kits and 20,000 leaflets will be disseminated among community people. The SafeStep project has been implemented at 4 unions of Kaliakair Upazila, Gazipur with the support of Winrock International.