“Different gender norms surprise” by Nazia Bushra

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The thing I want to share is that this was a difficult journey. Though the roads were muddy and slippery, we had to go and conduct our research. In some areas, the respondents were quite conservative and didn’t want to speak with my male partner, preferring to speak with someone of the same gender. In that case, I went to take her into a separate room and took all the information we were seeking. In addition, migration and adaptation techniques are not the same within a locality as well as within any family. In Bagerchat, the salinity intrusion and cyclones are the main obstacles. For these occurrences, the male members of the family turn to seasonal migration. Their children don’t get the chance to go to school or they have financial problems. Some of the members go abroad and work as labourers.
Nazia Bushra










Name: Nazia Bushra
Education: Disaster Management at University of Dhaka.

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