Past Events 2019

Report on Validation Workshop on WEWB BOESL and Arbitration Model for BAIRA
19 February 2019
CIRDAP Auditorium
Organised by RMMRU
Supported by PROKAS, British Council

Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) organised a Validation Workshop on Sharing the Draft Strategy Documents on WEWB, BOESL and Arbitration Model for BAIRA to take input from the government functionaries, policy makers and relevant stakeholders. The programme held on 19 February 2019 at CIRDAP Auditorium. Dr CR Abrar, Professor, Department of International Relations and Executive Director, RMMRU, DU moderated the programme.The programme was divided into 5 sessions which was chaired respectively by Mr Md. Salim Reza, Additional Secretary and DG, BMET, Mr Gazi Mohammad Julhash, NDC, Additional Secretary, Director General, WEWB, Mr Shameem Ahmed Chowdhury Noman, Secretary-General, BAIRA, Mr Maran Kumar Chakraborty, Managing Director (Additional Secretary), BOESL and Mr MD. Nazibul Islam, Additional Secretary, Monitoring and Enforcement Branch, MoEWOE. In this workshop researchers of RMMRU shared their finding on Documents on WEWB, BOESL and Arbitration Model for BAIRA in separate sessions where discussant were Mr Md. Shafiqul Islam, Joint Secretary, Director (Finance & Welfare) WEWB, Dr Nurul Islam, Director (Training Operations) BMET and Mr Asif Munier, Programme Officer, ILO, Mr D.M. Atiqur Rahman, Director (Employment) BMET, Mr Md. Aminur Rahaman, Deputy Secretary, MoEWOE and Ms Shahina Ferdousi, Deputy Secretary, MoEWOE. Besides Mr Gerry Fox, Team Leader, PROKAS, British Council was present as special guest

As chair of opening session Mr Md Salim Reza, DG BMET stated that
I thank RMMRU for conducting research on WEWB, BOESL and BAIRA. I am confident that the findings of these researches will be very much useful for policymaking. I am convinced to one of the recommendations of the presentation that is pre-decision training for migrants as well as we can also think about counselling for vulnerable migrant workers. Besides WEWB also can take another recommendation positively that is organizing fair for the families of migrants, arranging drawing competition for children of migrants etc in migrant prone districts.

Capacity Development Training of UDC Entrepreneurs and 333 call centre agents
Date: 4.2.2019 and 5.2.2019
Place: 333 call centre, Mascot plaza, Uttara, Dhaka
Jointly organized by a2i and RMMRU
Supported by: Fairer Labour Migration (FLM) Project, British Council

RMMRU organized a capacity development training for UDC Entrepreneurs and 333 call centre agents with Access to Information (a2i). This is a collaborative initiative between RMMRU and a2i under access to safe migration information services at door steps through 333 and digital centre project. Through this Capacity development training UDC representatives and 333 call center agents gathered knowledge about basic concept of Migration, safe Migration, steps and process of migration like visa processing, online registration, roles and responsibilities of recruiting agencies, fraudulence in migration sector, human trafficking, Online complain mechanism, remittance management process, stakeholders related to migration sector etc. one of BMET representative was present there to demonstrate government’s available digital services in migration to the participants.This initiative is designed under the Fairer Labour Migration project (FLM) of PROKAS programme, British Council to ensure safe migration and protection of migrants’ rights by providing easy access of migration information and services through UDC’s and 333 call centre.

a2i e-service specialist Mohammad Ashraful Amin and RMMRU Director, Programme Marina Sultana, among others, were present at the capacity development training.

Policy Dialogue on Incorporating SDG-11 into Chattogram City Development Plan
Organized by: RMMRU and University of Exeter, UK.
Date: Saturday, 26 January 2019
Venue: Nilgir, Radisson Blue Chattogram Bay View,
Supported by: Economic Social Research Council and DFID
Policy dialogue on Incorporating SDG-11 into Chattogram City Development Plan held on 26 January 2019 at Radisson Blue Chattogram Bay View. The aim of the dialogue was to share the findings of the research titled Safe and Sustainable cities: Human securities, migration, and well-being and receive valuable inputs from stakeholders in regards to incorporating SDG-11 (Safe and Sustainable Cities) into the Chattogram City Development Plan or Master Plan. Present were stakeholders from different areas of policy, industry, and academia, as well as city planners and CHT migrants of Chattogram. Mr. Abu Jahed Mohammed Nasir Uddin, Honorable Mayor, Chattogram City Corporation was present as chief guest. The programme was chaired by Mr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan, Divisional Commissioner, Chattogram.
Meeting with Journalist about Safe Migration
Date: 12 January 2019
Venue: Poshoshik Porshad, Tangail


RMMRU organized a meeting with Journalist on 12 January 2019 at Poshoshik Parshad Hall Room, Tangial. Marina Sultana Director Programme, RMMRU moderated the meeting. She introduces RMMRU briefly including its activities in national and grassroots level. In this meeting Mr. Masaraf Hossain Khan, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Tangail, Mr. Kazi Golam Ahad, District Information Officer were present as guest. The aim of meeting was to build up network and relations among grassroots level journalist. In this meeting main discussion points were ensuring the access of justice through mediation, ensuring services in a faster way, reducing the risk of fraudulence etc. The participants of the meeting were 50 including 28 journalists.

Objective of the Orientation
• Building network with local level media and sharing knowledge of migration sector
• Discuss about migration services provided by RMMRU and information about safe migration as well as fraudulence practices at grassroots level

Main discussion of the meeting
Mr. Masaraf Hossain Khan, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Tangail said that the activities of RMMRU have to inform to chairman of all Union Parisad so that they can inform migrants of their area. It will disseminate information of safe migration and migration mediation to migrant community.
‘I like the activities of RMMRU at grassroots level. Although RMMRU is conducting its activities specially mediation in 4 areas of Tangail only, it should cover more areas so that more people get the opportunity to take services from RMMRU’ said Mr. Kazi Golam Ahad, District Information Officer.
Mr.Jafar Ahmed, Secretary of Tangail Press Club appreciated RMMRU’s work and expects the good work not to confine within three unions only. Hemayet Hossain Himu added similar kinds of initiatives need to be taken in the migration prawn area like Mirzapur, Gopalpur, Shakhipur.

MoU Signing Ceremony with a2i
Date: 8.1.19
Place: a2i office, ICT Bhaban, ICT Tower, Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar
Jointly organized by a2i and RMMRU
Supported by: Fairer Labour Migration (FLM) Project, British Council
RMMRU signed a MoU with Access to Information (a2i) under a project titled ‘Fairer Labour Migration’ of British Council. Dr. CR Abrar, Executive Director of RMMRU and a2i project Director Mustafizur Rahman signed the MoU on behalf of respective organizations at a ceremony held at the ICT Bhaban on 8 January 2019.

Under the project, awareness on safe migration would be enhanced through the dissemination of information, said Mr. Mustafizur Rahman. He also said migration information would be made publicly available through the participatory efforts of the migrants, service providing Union Digital Centre (UDC) entrepreneur and the agents of 333 number call centers. He expressed his high hope about the success of this initiative with RMMRU. “A lot needs to be done and this can be the beginning of a fruitful partnership”, he noted.

Dr. CR Abrar thanked a2i for taking the initiative to promote safe migration at the grassroots level and partnering with RMMRU. He highlighted the past useful collaboration of RMMRU with various government agencies and expressed the hope that the new venture would contribute to meaningful decentralizing of migration services and help establish good governance in the migration sector.

a2i e-service specialist Mohammad Ashraful Amin and RMMRU director for programme Marina Sultana, among others, were present at the MoU signing ceremony.