Ongoing Programmes

Developing effective up-to-date programs that benefit migrant workers is one of the primary goals of RMMRU. Below is a list of the programs RMMRU is currently engaged in: 

Time Frame: July 2010 – June 2017
In partnership with: University of Sussex, UK


Funded by: DFID, UK

The Research Program Consortium (RPC) is a collective of international research organizations spearheaded by the University of Sussex. Migrating Out of Poverty is a program lead by the RPC that is dedicated to providing research evidence that contributes to improved policies surrounding the well being of poor migrants, their communities and countries. As a member of the RPC, RMMRU, hopes to engage in innovative research, capacity building and communications activities ensuring an equal amount of impact and global reach through international academic collaboration. You can read more about this exciting program here

Time Frame: August 2013 - December 2016
Funded By: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)


RMMRU is currently conducting the second phase of the AMR program. Through the AMR, RMMRU is increasing opportunities for safer migration at the grassroots level while creating awareness among different service providers about safer migration. This project is strongly linked with the Migrants’ Rights Protection Committees (MRPCs) and works with the MRPCs to distribute information and increase access to safer migration. The AMR operates through building the capacity of District Employment and Manpower Offices (DEMO) and Bank Officials, running awareness campaigns to garner media attention, promoting various available skill development programs, and influencing policy through policy dialogue. The AMR exemplifies a bottom-up approach to grassroots issues surrounding migration and showcases RMMRU’s commitment to change at a micro level. Through the AMR, RMMRU is able to ensure better services and better access to services for Bangladeshi migrant workers.

Currently RMMRU is waiting on the approval of the third phase of the AMR program. This phase will hopefully include an expansion and establishment of regional MRPC offices, capacity building for female migrants, stakeholder training in the new 'Overseas Employment and Migration Act 2013,' amongst other projects. 

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