SafeStep – Expanding Safe Migration in the Bangladesh – Malaysia Corridor

1 December, 2021 – 31 March, 2023


Bangladesh is one of the largest migrant worker sender countries of the world. Currently Bangladeshi migrant workers are working in 168 countries. A significant number of Bangladeshi migrant workers are going to destination countries as skilled and trained workers. Remittance sent by the migrant workers plays important role in the economic development of Bangladesh. More than 10% of country’s GDP comes from the remittance sent by the migrant workers. Despite all this, migrant workers face many difficulties and challenges such as fraudulence by sub-agents, not getting promised salary and suitable job, human trafficking etc. Due to non-maintenance of all the necessary steps of immigration such as passport, visa, contract letter, medical certificate, resident permit, work permit and others, many migrant workers face challenges in destination countries. In this context, RMMRU is conducting the SafeStep project in the Tangail district using a safe migration related mobile application named ‘SafeStep’. Under this project, a mobile application named SAFESTEP was developed as a result of a consortium consisted of ELEVATE Hong Kong Holdings Limited, Diginex Solution, GFEMS and Winrock International which is promoted by RMMRU in the project areas. The mobile application is developed to equip migrants with adequate information, help workers calculate costs and benefits derived from migration and make informed decision, assist in taking appropriate preparation and organize documents in a digital accessible storage, and reduce vulnerabilities in the migration cycle through facilitating service providers information. It aims to lessen the vulnerability of migrants and enable better access to information through mobile technology.

Project Area: Kalihati Upazilla of Tangail Sadar Upazilla of Tangail District. 5 unions and 1 Municipality- Gala, Silimpur, Gharina, Shahadebpur, Paikora and Elenga municipality.

Goal: The goal of the project is to create a clear understanding of safe migration among aspirant and departing migrant workers, increase awareness in the migrant community and develop skills through digital means to play a major role in ensuring safe and orderly labor migration for migrant workers, especially Malaysia-bound migrants.

1. Raising awareness among migrant workers at the local level about the SafeStep mobile application for accessing digital information services and reducing migration fraudulence cases;
2. Awareness and information campaigns on safe migration among migrants involving the local community or volunteer committee;
3. Enhancing the skills of migrant workers, provide training and information for practical knowledge on safe migration, communication and services to migrants through collaboration with Government Technical Training Centers and District Employment and Manpower Offices.