Remedy faraway despite court orders

Posted by on Jun 13, 2021 in Blog | 3 comments

In the year 2010, Md. Yunus (pseudonym) from Cumilla dreamt of going abroad for work. He wanted to try his luck and improve his financial condition through labour migration. Unfortunately, he had no idea what the future held for him. He first thought of going to Iraq but later changed his mind and finally decided on going to Romania. Accordingly, he prepared all his documents and paid a hefty amount of BDT 265,000 as processing fees. This was a large sum of money considering the year. Now there was nothing that could stop him from achieving his dream, he must have thought to himself. But life had other plans and so did the recruiting agency which was responsible for facilitating his migration process. On the day of his possible departure, Yunus reached the airport thinking his next stop will be Romania. However, after staying there for a while he was suggested by the representative of the recruiting agency to wait at a hotel until the flight was announced.
The announcement never came and Yunus was left with nothing but remorse. He tried contacting the recruiting agency and even went to their office, only to find that it was closed. Yunus along with eight other deceived, filed a complaint with Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) to get back the money that the recruiting agency had fraudulently taken from them. Meanwhile a writ petition was filed with the High Court by the perpetrators but when called to the court they failed to show up in person. As a result, the High Court dismissed the writ petition in 2017 and ordered to revoke the license of the recruiting agency in question and confiscate their assets.
It has been a long journey for Yunus, a journey that he never planned to make. Now he is awaiting the final decision by the authority, which will put an end to his misery after eleven years. How long will he have to wait, no one really knows.Readers are encouraged to share similar stories, if they have.


  1. It’s positive that in 2017 the High Court ordered to revoke the license of the recruiting agency & confiscate their assets but it’s very sorrowed that the money of Yunus BDT 265,000 in 2010 which value would be double in 2017. Yunus lost his Money, his Time, his Dream, and his All. Not only Yunus but lots of potential like Yunus are losing their money, Time, and Dream also. Government should take very strategic steps for this type of offense in a high hand. Now the time of Internet and Technology, Availability of Information. I hope no other Yunus will come out in the future.

  2. I have seen a numerous cases where migrants and potential migrants are being cheated by the recruiting agencies in various ways. Most of the times they did not get their expected jobs and salaries which they were promised and they paid for, rather sometimes they got tortured by their employers and colleagues in abroad. I think this is the right to take their situation more seriously.

  3. There are hundreds of Younus’ across the country who have not received legal remedy or delayed to get remedy. It has been a misery mainly because of lack of evidencial support. RMMRU has been conducting ADR to support these migrants which can be practices in an large scale so that the rights of the migrants can be protected as an alternative to formal legal process.