Justice at Door Step

Project Duration: January 2024 -March 2026
Supported by Asia Foundation

RMMRU is implementing a project named “Justice at the Door Step” project, a 5-year initiative of Asia Foundation under 'Promoting Effective, Responsive and Inclusive Governance in Bangladesh (PERI)' project. This initiative is part of the FCDO's Bangladesh Collaborative, Accountable and Peaceful Politics (B-CAPP) Programme. The objective of the programme is to enhance governance effectiveness, responsiveness, and inclusivity across Bangladesh. This project will help to achieve key policy and institutional reforms in targeted areas, fostering peaceful community relations. This project activities is implementing following two pathways

Pathway #1: Regularizing the Sub-Agents

Pathway #2: Strengthening the Grievance Management Committee (GMC)

Within this project, RMMRU has undertaken various activities aimed at supporting migrants, including migration mediation, legal assistance, and referral services. Additionally, awareness campaigns have been conducted, and capacity building programs have been facilitated at the grassroots level. On a national scale, RMMRU is actively engaged in advocacy programmes, research etc. to promote fairer labor migration practices and regarding regularisation of sub-agents.

Project Objectives

  • Strengthening migration governance; improving rule of law in migration management along with fostering transparency, accountability of migration institutions through regularization of the Sub Agents and execution of the Rules and policies.
  • Ensuring rights and protection of migrants as well as members of their families and reducing vulnerabilities of migrants especially for female migrants to ensuring justice at local level.
  • Enhancing capacities and strengthening knowledge of migrants’ stakeholders to ensure safe migration.
  • Developing evidence-based documentation to influence and support policy makers at national and global level.

Project Intervention Strategies

RMMRU’s aims to promote good governance in the migration sector through research; policy advocacy and field intervention to reduce the risk of fraudulence. Under this initiative, it will follow specific interventions strategies to achieve the objectives of RMMRU as well as PERI project. These are: (a) evidence-based research and advocacy initiatives (b) institutional capacity building of service providers; (c) Protection of migrants’ rights through national and community based programmes and campaigns and (d) networking and referral.