Strengthened and Informative Migration Systems Project (SIMS)



RMMRU is implementing the SIMS project for the wellbeing of the migrant workers and members of their families, particularly the marginalised men and women to ensure safer migration practices through improved quality of services and information. Unique grassroots interventions are taking place in the project areas under three major components namely Safe Migration, Access to Justice and Financial Literacy.

To enable the migrant workers make informed decision on migration with a view to choosing pathways that maximise economic returns and minimise risks related to migration, RMMRU along with CCDA, a community-based grassroots organisation in Cumilla, is disseminating safe migration message through courtyard sessions, one to one meeting, outreach campaigns, video and IPT shows, pre-employment and pre-departure orientations among other awareness campaigns. RMMRU is facilitating access to key information regarding process of safe migration and protection mechanisms and support services that mitigate risks of migration for migrant workers. Furthermore, it is creating linkage with institutions to expand and diversify foreign market access via upskilling and moving up the labor value chain.

Project Working Location

The project is providing legal support to the migrant community on migration related fraudulences through local level mediation engaging different community groups namely Migrant Rights Protection Committees and Grievance Management Committees. RMMRU also refers the complaints to formal dispute resolving mechanisms including BMET arbitration and court cases if it deems fit.

RMMRU is also providing financial literacy on remittance management to the migrants and their family members. Under SIMS project it also facilitates linking support on skills and entrepreneurship trainings for potential trades in terms of profitability matrix and motivate beneficiaries to involve in income generating activities.

The SIMS project covers twenty-five unions of five upazilas in Cumilla district (Adarsha Sadar, Sadar Dakhin, Chandina, Muradnagar, Daudkandi).The project is supported by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation with the funding of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).