RMMRU Innovation: Mediation, a Reliable ADR Method of Resolving Migration Related Disputes

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In the year of 2017, a survey conducted by RMMRU on “Role of Sub-agent in Migration System of Bangladesh: Extent of Fraudulence” found that around 51 percent of Bangladeshi migrant workers experience fraudulence and degrading behaviour throughout their migration process. RMMRU conducted a rapid assessment at three unions of Kalihati Upazila, Tangail to know grassroots people’s preferred method of accessing justice when they are deceived. Surprisingly, 72 percent of respondents favoured mediation or locally lead solutions. Based on this result, RMMRU launched and implemented an innovative initiative to resolve migration related disputes at the local level.
A Grievance Management System (GMS) developed by RMMRU consists of 3 layers committee, Grievance Management Committees (GMC), Youth Volunteer Groups (YVG) and Advisory Committee to settle migration disputes. These committees were trained on migration mediation. RMMRU developed a complete manual on migration mediation as well as a documentary to facilitate the mediation at the grassroots level.
It has an incredible impact on ensuring justice for affected migrants. GMCs have received 307 cases from 3 unions and 1 municipality of Tangail, of which 143 cases have been successfully mediated where cheated migrants got back Tk 88,80,000/- from the local sub-agent only in 4 years. For this success, RMMRU has been advocating for institutionalising the mediation model throughout Bangladesh.
On the 28th of August 2021, Mr. Md. Shahidul Alam (ndc), DG, BMET directed the concerned officials of BMET to take immediate actions to decentralise the arbitration/ mediation in all DEMOs as soon as possible. He espoused this mediation model and asked RMMRU to train the officials as well as develop a concrete guideline on arbitration/ mediation for DEMO/ BMET officials.
This is a significant achievement for RMMRU’s long-standing advocacy for the establishment of migration mediation.

Rabeya Nasrin
Senior Programme Officer