Same Street, Different Life: Diversity of Adaption Strategies in Bangladesh

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In our work, we visited Bagerhat, Khulna, Jessore, Gopalganj, Cox’s Bazar, Noakhali, Lakshmipur, Pirojpur, Satkhira Districts.

Rough weather and tough communication experiences will always be helpful in my life, for various reasons. Being specific, my experience of working in Maheshkhali Upazilla (Cox’s Bazar), was quite educational.

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There, high population growth, a low literacy rate, and problematic sanitation systems, combined with frequent tidal surges and cyclones, make life challenging for the people who live there. An especially interesting phenomenon that we witnessed in our research there was that, on certain roads, the people on one side faced different catastrophes and challenges compared with their counterparts. Thus, even among households living adjacent to the same street, we witnessed different adaption techniques.

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Name: Sanjida A. Elu
Education: International Relations,University of Dhaka